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Waves Like Walls – established 2012. In times in which bands struggle to make all the right moves, only few manage to stay out of genre boxes. Waves Like Walls from Ingolstadt, Germany is such a band. They have been going straight ahead since they started in 2012 without getting distracted by image or genre conventions. Always honest, always full speed ahead, always 100%. On record or live, “WLW” have something to say and won’t let anybody tell them otherwise.



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"In every single song you can´t ignore the heavy guitarriffs. Together with oppressive drums, the band from Ingolstadt surprises with nasty breakdowns."
"Waves Like Walls sound raw, brutal and unfiltered - exactly what hardcore should be like. Bugger me, what a hit."
"The screaming of the vocalist is really frightening, what makes the boys a true hardcore/metalcore-beast, that sabers down everything in its way."
"The listener will notice the musically prowess of Waves Like Walls within a few minutes."


1 LP, 2 EPs, various singles
100.000+ Spotify Streams
Radio plays (Impericon, Rock Antenne, Galaxy)
Supportact for Madball, Lionheart, Stray From The Path, Born From Pain, Thy Art is Murder,…
Winner Pitchback Studios newcomer contest
Hell on Earth Tour w/ Unearth, The Acacia Strain
Various festivals in GER, AUSTRIA, SWITZERLAND


Blue Bay Management

Tobias Ernst

+49 162 404 36 82


Waves Like Walls 2022